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7 Reasons You Need Document Storage Today

It can be daunting to start a process that changes the way people do their daily work. Many times the mindset of 'It's always been done this way..’ hinders their ability to see the improvements that can be made. In the digital age, the transfer of paper documents to digital files stored in a cloud system can be overwhelming depending on the size of your business. To ease the stress that comes with implementing a new workflow familiarise yourself with the benefits of going from paper to digital.

3 Successful Outcomes of Document Management

How do you know document management is having impactful results within your business if you don’t envision what the success will look like? Aside from improving productivity, there are many reasons to use document management. If you haven’t decided that document management is right for your business yet, examine these outcomes:

Make Your Office Space Work For You

As your business grows, it is not always the case that your office space grows with you. If you are starting to feel cramped, don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that you need a bigger room. There are solutions to creating an inviting and engaging space with some small tweaks to what you already have.

3 Multi-Function Printer Problems You Can Fix

A multi-function printer is one of your offices most valuable assets. It increases productivity and creates a central work area. While it deserves all its praise, it is a machine and technology is never perfect. There are a few troubleshooting tips you can follow to avoid frustration when a multi-function printer isn’t working.

How to Make Sure You are Complying with Your Industry’s Regulations

So you’ve come to the conclusion that a document storage system is for you. So what’s next? Once you have your document storage system up and running it's important to make sure you are following the laws and regulations specific to your business. This is otherwise known as regulatory compliance. The storage of documents must be handled carefully, especially when they contain sensitive information.

Who Should Use Document Management?

A plan to improve your company should begin with assessing what you need. Why don’t you start with that running list inside your head? It’s a good guess that part of your list includes conquering a pile (or mountain) of paper documents. Document management technologies improve business practices by creating an easy way to use a system that stores and organizes documents electronically. Also, it creates a company-wide system on document storage policies. The transition to storing documents digitally shouldn't be scary because of security issues.

An Office Your Employees Will Love

A lot of time is spent in the office, and some might consider it a home away from home. Employees have their personal desk, they interact with their co-workers, and they spend down time like lunch together. An impersonal space does nothing for the energy of an office. Instead, create a relaxing room that will produce comfortable and productive employees. Here are some elements that can be added to an office to make it inviting.

What’s So Great About a Multi-Function Printer?

Every office can benefit from an increase in efficiency whether it’s an improvement in communication or streamlining workflows. The best place to optimize is the hub spot of printers, copiers, and scanners. What if you could combine all those machines into one and save time and money? A multi-function printer (MFP) can create a method of organization within your office by combining your printer, copier, and scanner into one machine. Here are four reasons to consider an MFP

How to Secure Your Digital Documents

The move from primarily paper document storage to digital is imminent. The beneficial reasons of this step are numerous. Employees can search and find documents quicker, and collaboration is a cinch. Nothing is perfect, though, and digital materials need some reinforcing of their own. Businesses never had to worry about paper documents being up for grabs when they could be locked away in a file cabinet. Storing documents digitally make them more susceptible to cyber criminality. With the right precautions, you can assure yourself that your document storage system is locked up tight.

Document Management is a Timesaver

Time is our greatest resource. With time we can come up with ideas, implement them, and finally, watch the fruition of these ideas. Therefore it can be said that with more time the more successful we will be. Document management is the process of filing away digitally scanned documents. In consideration of time spent in the office, document management can be the solution to finally capturing more productive moments. Below are three ways that document management can save your office time.

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