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Multifunction Printer

Deciding Between an A3 or A4 Multifunction Printer

Confused Woman in Office Not Sure Which Item to Choose

When shopping for a new multifunction printer all the choices can be overwhelming. The technical terms involved with the buying process can make it confusing. When you see A3 or A4 that refers to the paper sizes the printer is meant to handle. Continue reading to learn more about the differences betweens these printers.

Why You Should Stop Ignoring Your Outdated Printer

If you are using a printer that no longer produces quality prints or works on outdated technology, it’s time to upgrade. A slow printer inhibits productivity and leads to an inefficient office. Instead of replacing your machine with a different model of the same printer, consider investing in a multifunction printer. Here are three reasons to stop ignoring your old printer:

Avoid These Practises When Maintaining Your Multifunction Printer

Extending the life of your multifunction printer can be done with regular maintenance. As it is such a significant investment, you’ll want to make sure you are taking the proper precautions to protect your printer from damage. While taking care of your machine is simple, there are a few things you should avoid.

Here’s How to Keep Your Multifunction Printer Secure

It’s easy to forget about the inner workings of a multifunction printer when our interactions with the equipment are only when we pick up a document from the paper tray. Multifunction printers have hardware and require a security plan to keep your data safe. Take the time to follow these tips on securing your printers.

Maintaining Your Security

You don’t need to worry about protecting your information if you are proactive.

Don’t Miss These Tips for Choosing A Multifunction Printer

Purchasing a multifunction printer is not a hasty decision. There is a lot that goes into deciding what will work best for your office. Some of your ‘must haves’ are already on your list while there might be some features you haven’t thought about. Reading about what features are available will help you to narrow your search.

Making the Right Choice

There are a lot of options to review when looking for a new multifunction printer. If you prepare in advance, you will know exactly what to look for.

4 Multi-Function Printer Benefits You Should Take Advantage Of

When you have a rhythm going, it can be hard to switch things up. Not only does this apply to life in general, but it applies to life at the office. We all have a routine and a way we like to do things so why bother changing? Take a small leap of faith and consider incorporating the following multi-function printer features into your routine. You may just wonder why you never started earlier!

What’s So Great About a Multi-Function Printer?

Every office can benefit from an increase in efficiency whether it’s an improvement in communication or streamlining workflows. The best place to optimize is the hub spot of printers, copiers, and scanners. What if you could combine all those machines into one and save time and money? A multi-function printer (MFP) can create a method of organization within your office by combining your printer, copier, and scanner into one machine. Here are four reasons to consider an MFP

5 Things To Look For In Your Next Multifunction Printer

multifunction printer

Purchasing a multifunction printer can carry a similar importance to hiring a staff member for some companies. Your multifunction printer becomes a partner in your business functions and can help, or hinder your long-term growth. So, when shopping for a new printer, you should keep certain features and needs in mind to guarantee that your new purchase will take care of your projects and be with you for a long time. Here are five things to look for in your next printer purchase.

Multifunction Printers: An Overlooked Vulnerability

If you installed a new workstation or computer, on your network one of the first steps you would take is to ensure it was secure and protected from online intrusions. Networked multifunction printers are one of the most overlooked components of your networked hardware and can create holes in your network security.

Maintaining your Office Workhorse

Multifunction Printer

Your multifunction provider is one of those devices that may carry the entire business on it's back at times. A quality multifunction printer can last your company years and save you money every day. However, often printer upkeep gets ignored during the hustle of everyday business. Here are three ways you can make sure your office's workhorse is always up when you need it to be.

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