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Bring Nature into the Office for a Happier Workplace

Document Management, Office Plants

Do you recognize the word biophilia? If not, you probably recognize its definition: a natural human affinity for and love of nature. Even the most urban-bound of us find pleasure in the beauty and calm of green, living things, evidenced by our shared enjoyment of parks, forests, and gardens.

Four Ways to Go Green with Document Management

Go Green, Document Management

At this point, you'd have to be living under a rock to have avoided the phrase "go green." We know you haven't been living under a rock; in fact, your business probably has some green goals in mind.

Document Management Improves Customer Service

Document Management, Customer Service

For companies facing fierce competition, customer service is one of the most important factors that helps them rise above others in their field. That's why providing your customer service representatives with fast access to the most updated and accurate information is essential to your success.

Can Your Organization Benefit From Document Management?

Document Management

Most offices are on the lookout for a better way to store documentation. Traditional solutions, such as filing cabinets, network directories and computer filing systems can take up a lot of time and space within an organization. If you want to make important information safe and secure, but still accessible, document management may be the right choice for your organization.

What is Document Management?

Document Management

Your organization's most valuable asset is the information that you have accumulated over many years. That information is your best practices, processes, client and employee information, and your proprietary knowledge. Without this information, your company would lose its competitive edge at best, and cease to exist at worst.

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