Document Capture

Despite all the ways we have digitised our lives, from replacing hardback books with tablets to using email instead of writing a letter, paper is still a crucial part of what we do every day, and it is not going away anytime soon. Businesses still rely on paper documents—whether it’s signing a receipt after using a credit card at the store, taking notes in a notebook while out in the field, or having clients sign a contract—yet we know that paper is inefficient and gets easily lost. Thankfully, Best Office Systems offers a solution for keeping track of all your documents in one place.

Document capture technology does just that — it takes a snapshot of your paper documents to store them digitally, but it’s also so much more. As a key technology for scanning and storing paper documents to use in digital form instead of paper, you can archive, categorise, store, and more. Different from older scanning methods, document capture creates high-resolution images and allows for storing more data.

Using various recognition technologies, you can easily search these documents and automate processes. Once your important documents are scanned and stored, you can rest easy knowing that they have been saved securely. Free up space in your filing cabinets by removing all that old paper that you’ve been hanging onto for years.

Best Office Systems stays up-to-date on the best in document capture systems and can assist in finding the best fit for your business needs.

If you are interested in learning more about how Document Capture can simplify your office, contact us now to learn more.

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