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Best Office Systems understands that the office workplace is quickly evolving, and you need to provide more to your employees than just a place to work. We are a full-service office supplier and can outfit any environment to meet your needs. Office furniture is more than just desks and chairs; it’s about creating an inspiring, organised, and aesthetically-pleasing space. Upgrade employee productivity and health by purchasing thoughtful office equipment and furniture.

A Full Lineup Of Office Furniture

Our line of office furniture ranges from storage solutions, filing cabinets, pigeon-hole units, workstations, office desks, mobile pedestals, office chairs, executive chairs, and more. We source our office furniture from the best, Ausfile, Eclipse, and Sylex. We provide the highest quality and ensure it is environmentally certified. Check out our extensive range of office furniture and let us help you furnish your corporate office, home office, or workstation.

How You Benefit

Increased Productivity

A well-designed office facilitates collaboration and teamwork. Few things hamper productivity more than a poorly organised office space. Best Office Systems can help get you outfitted with the latest furniture and office equipment. Our experienced team will assess your team structures, recommend various solutions, and help you to visualise an ideal environment for you and your employees.

Improved Health

With ergonomically-engineered chairs, standing desks, and more, we can help you reduce employee fatigue and workplace injuries. Many of the most common workforce injuries are related to poor furniture. Improper posture can cause carpal tunnel and back issues. Find out for yourself the perks of new innovations like stand-up desks and adjustable monitor stands. The modern worker doesn’t want to sit at a desk all day. Keep your employees active and alert, while improving productivity.

Reduced Real Estate Expense

Make efficient use of your office space while creating a comfortable place to work. With the right furniture, you can maximise every square meter of real estate without feeling crowded. Take advantage of technologies such as multifunction copiers and document management systems that will not only free up space but will upgrade your office capabilities. Stay ahead of the curve, and keep your employees happy with the best innovations out there.

How To Buy The Right Furniture For Your Office

Planning to furnish a new office or redo your current one is a large undertaking. This doesn’t mean it has to be stressful! Plan for the office you want before you shop so that you know what to look for. Here are some tips on how to buy the right furniture for your office.



Create A Budget

An important first step in furnishing your office is creating a budget. This is helpful for a few reasons. First, once you have a number, you might be surprised at what you can afford. It would be terrible to skip out on furniture you loved because you thought it was too much. On the same note, having a budget can help you spread out your investment throughout the office. It would be a shame to soak up your budget all in the reception area and have nothing left for a collaborative workspace.



Specify Company Needs

Every business is unique, and your office furniture should reflect that. You can create a cohesive feel for the office by planning for what you need. If a seating area benefits your company plan to put it in an area that doesn’t disrupt an area that’s meant to be equally quiet.

Creating a collaborative workspace is on-trend right now and might be a great fit for your office. Putting desks and chairs together allows employees to jump right into team meetings and bounce ideas off of each other.




One thing your employees will appreciate if you don’t forget is including ergonomic office furniture. This type of office furniture reduces muscle tension and leads to higher productivity. It is a sign that you encourage healthy employees and a welcoming, homelike environment.

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