Search and Retrieval

Step up your digital capabilities by implementing search and retrieval methods in your office. Many important documents still exist on paper, creating the challenge of not being able to search for specific information. With digital recognition systems, you can easily scan any text into a file so that it can be accessed, stored, indexed, and searched.

Typically known as OCR, optical character recognition technology has revolutionised how we scan text documents. It is a great solution for automating text and data from paper documents or image files, and then converting the text into a digital form so that it can be searched, easily read, edited, and more. These technologies are getting more precise each year, making their capabilities even more impressive and more user-friendly.

When trying to keep your indexing costs down, as well as ensure automated search capability that will help decrease time and increase accuracy, OCR may be a great solution for your office. No matter what industry you are in, Search and Retrieval technologies can simplify many data entry processes, saving you and your employees time and resources.

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Extract key information from important forms or documents

Scan large articles, making keyword searching more efficient

Transfer text into a digital format so that it can be shared with the visually impaired

Create PDFs from existing documents

Update forms or templates from the paper version even if the digital file has been lost

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